10.01 Distribution cases (ЩРн, ЩРв) IP31/IP54

10.02 Plastic switchboards (ЩРН-П, ЩРВ-П) IP41

10.03 Plastic switchboards (ЩРН-П wooden print) IP41

10.04 Plastic switchboards (КМПН) IP20/IP30

10.05 Airtight plastic switchboards (ЩРН-Пг) IP65

10.07 SlimBox plastic switchboards (ЩРН-П, ЩРВ-П) IP41

10.08 Mounted cabinets ModBox IP41

10.09 Plastic switchboards in industrial packaging IP41

10.10 Low-current boards mounted and built-in

EKF switchboards: metal and plastic, mounted and built-in

There is at least one point of reception and distribution of electrical energy in any building connected to the power supply system. It is a metal or plastic box, usually called a shield, inside which there are devices that perform various protective functions mounted on special profiles (DIN rails) or a plate (mounting plate).

EKF, a member of the group of leading Russian manufacturers of low-voltage electrical equipment, produces several series of high-quality metal and plastic devices for the distribution of electrical energy (switchboard), as well as metering and distribution of electricity (metering and distribution board), which are used in various civil and industrial facilities.

Switchboards ЩРН and ЩРВ EKF PROxima

This series includes steel shells, with the help of which systems for transferring electrical energy to consumers and protecting the equipment included in the electrical network from negative current effects in the event of an emergency are assembled.

Switchboards of this line, in which modular-type automation devices are installed, are capable of receiving currents of no more than 125 A, can be used at various facilities - both civil and industrial.

The material of the panels is steel of Russian manufacture according to GOST 1050-88. Welding is used in the manufacture of the cases, so they are characterized by high strength.

Thanks to phosphating and applying a layer of high-quality powder paint of the AkzoNobel brand, the surface of the panels is reliably protected from corrosion.

It is important that the switchboards have a unique appearance, noticeably distinguishing them from the mass of analogues of other brands.

According to the installation method, the switchboards are divided into models of mounted and built-in types. The built-in switchboard is specially designed for installation in niches of concrete or brick walls. The door of such a switchboard is surrounded by a frame that allows you to install the device flush levelled.

The built-in switchboards are available only in non-tight design (IP31), and the mounted switchboards are represented by models with IP31 and IP54 levels of dust and moisture protection. IP54 switchboards have a seal installed on the inner surface of the door, reinforced hinges and a tight lock for a trihedral key.

The complete set of switchboards includes:

  • DIN rail;
  • cam lock (for IP31 models) or triangular lock (for IP54 models);
  • ground lead;
  • mounting kit;
  • plates for convenient wall mounting (IP54 models);
  • marking sticker for designating machines;
  • electrical safety signs.

Plastic distribution boards ЩРн/в-П EKF PROxima

This series includes hinged and built-in boxes made of impact-resistant ABS material, designed to distribute electricity to the points of its consumption, protect the network from short circuit and overload, and a person from electric shock.

They can be located at production facilities, in administrative, commercial and office premises, in private residential buildings, garages and utility rooms. Depending on the dimensions, 3 to 45 modules are placed in the box.

Among the advantages of switchboards, there are the following:

  • vertical door opening (can be mounted in the corners of the walls);
  • complete with N and PE buses;
  • stamped cable entries (factory marking facilitates and accelerates the installation process).

Plastic distribution boards ЩРн-П EKF Basic

Mounted switchboards of this series are inexpensive products that are ideal for budget projects. Made of ABS plastic. Designed for use in civil buildings and infrastructure facilities. Hold up to 12 modules.

One of the main advantages of Basic plastic boxes is the ability to open the door to the right or left (to change the position you only need to turn the reversible front part). It is also important that the door can swing open 180°.

The switchboards, in addition to the DIN rail, include two buses made of brass.

Distributive plastic boards ЩРн-П EKF PROxima "woodgrain"

This line includes models in two colors: “light wood” and “dark wood”. This appearance determines the scope of the switchboards - cottages, country houses and any other objects where there are rooms with a wood interior. Note that they are combined with the appearance of EKF plastic cable ducts that mimic the structure of wood.

Plastic modular enclosures КМПн EKF PROxima

The family of devices of the КМПн series includes compact mounted boxes in which you can install 2 or 4 modular devices. They are available in two versions - with a lid that opens vertically and without a lid. Equipped with a DIN rail. Installed in office, residential and utility rooms.

Plastic distribution boards ЩРн-ПГ IP65 EKF PROxima

A distinctive feature of ЩРн-ПГ switchboards is a high level of protection against the ingress of dust and moisture (IP65). Due to this, they can be operated in warehouses, in rooms where production is carried out, in basements, garages, car washes, in general, wherever the level of dust and moisture is high.

Among the other advantages of the switchboards: the case is made of durable plastic (ABS), the presence of a vertical door and markings for cable glands, completing with N and PE buses, the possibility of sealing.

EKF produces a wide range of low-voltage equipment, in the range of which you can find any device necessary for use in power input, metering and distribution systems, power supply automation, process control - be it a power switch or a modular switch, a frequency converter or a push button, revenue metering station, air switch or electric meter, load switch or cable duct, busbar or terminal block, 4000 A switchboard cabinet or 125 A switchboard panel.