17.01 Power lugs and sleeves

17.02 Bolted lugs and sleeves

17.03 Insulated and non-insulated lugs

17.04 Insulated connectors

17.05 Insulated connecting sleeves

17.06 SMK (construction and installation) terminals

17.07 Terminal blocks (terminal clamp 12 sections)

17.08 Connecting insulating clamps (CIC)

17.09 Piercing tappers

17.10 Insulating tape

17.11 Heat shrinkable tube HST

17.12 Clamps

17.13 Plastic mounting brackets

How to ensure a reliable connection and fastening of wires

For the stable operation of any equipment, a high-quality connection with conductors is necessary. Cables and wires must be insulated and securely fastened. To carry out all the stages of laying electrical circuits and connecting electrical appliances, experts use a large range of special products for electrical installation.

EKF's products range includes products for quick, reliabe and convenient performing all the many electrical installation tasks. In addition to a wide selection, the advantages of the products of the Russian manufacturer include durability, which is achieved due to the high quality of the products.

Power lugs and sleeves for wires and cables

To create a reliable connection of power conductors to equipment or tires, power lugs are used. On the one hand, they have a flat contact part with a round hole for bolt connection, on the other - a tubular hole for the wire. The tubular part of the product with the inside brought in is crimped, for which a special tool is used - crimping pliers for cable lugs (press pliers). Such crimping takes very little time, while achieving high reliability of contact between the cores. In addition, thanks to the convenient contact part of the lugs, further installation of the conductor is facilitated.

Power sleeves are also used to create reliable joints using crimping. Like lugs, they are made of copper and aluminum pipes, but in contrast, they have a throughput structure. There are functional differences: the sleeves are intended only for connecting wires and cables to each other and protecting them from the external environment, and not for connecting to equipment.

What are the power lugs and sleeves

Key characteristics by which the lug and connecting sleeve are selected:

  • Material
  • Dimensions
  • Conductor cross-section
  • Type

The use of products with different characteristics depends on the specific project: specialists want to have a wide range of options while maintaining the quality of each electrical installation element. Therefore, the EKF assortment includes reliable power tips and sleeves designed for a wide range of sections and made in various sizes - both according to GOST requirements and according to EKF's own standards close to European ones. A special marking on each product will help you navigate in the sizes.

EKF power lugs and sleeves are made of:

  • electrical copper M2;
  • electrotechnical copper M2, subjected to electrolytic tinning to prevent oxidation of metal;
  • aluminum AD1;
  • electrotechnical aluminum AD1M with a copper coating (in aluminum-copper lugs);
  • electrotechnical aluminum AD1 coated in the form of tinning.

It is important that the products are used for their intended purpose. For example, sleeves and copper cable lugs are needed for crimping copper conductors specifically and are not suitable for aluminum. At the same time, it is possible to connect aluminum lugs to copper busbars or terminals - for this, an aluminum-copper washer is intended. It is used as a bimetallic gasket between the tip and the busbar.

Insulated lugs

In addition to power, the EKF assortment offers a wide selection of insulated lugs for copper conductors. They are made of M1 copper and have electrolytic tinning. Their main feature is the presence of an insulating cuff with thick walls.

These products are designed to create reliable screw-based connections. To do this, you need to choose a tip or connector of a suitable section and carefully strip the conductors. Crimping the product with press pliers will ensure tight contact between the cores and protect them from damage, for example, if the screw is too tight.

In each series, insulated terminals of different colors are presented that correspond to the cross-sections of the conductors. Products vary in shape of the metal tip.

Of the total number, the most prominent is the pin sleeve insulated lug (NShVI). Its metal sleeve is made in the form of a tube into which the end of the conductor is inserted. Crimping is performed on top of the sleeve, so that a monolithic pin is obtained, ready for screw connection. In the remaining lugs of this group, the conductor is crimped over a plastic cuff.

The material of the cuff itself is also different from other products. In NShVI, it is polypropylene that does not support combustion. Other lugs are made of self-extinguishing PVC (class V-O according to UL94).

In addition, only among the sleeve lugs, there is a model designed for crimping two conductors simultaneously.

Other insulated lugs made by EKF:

  • Ring (NKI) and plug (NVI) - for connection by screw fixation. Products with plug-shaped lugs are more convenient to use when you often need to reconnect the conductors: to remove the lug, you do not have to disassemble the entire connection.
  • Flat pin (NSHPI) and round pin (NSHK) - for connecting conductors to pin-type contact sockets in devices such as circuit breakers, emergency circuit breakers, etc. Also, these products will be necessary when connecting a conductor of a larger cross-section with a socket of a smaller cross-section - in this case, the lugs act as an adapter.

Connectors, sleeves, couplers, clamps for connecting conductors

Another way to ensure a reliable connection is to use insulated connectors and sleeves made by EKF. Unlike the lugs, the contact part of the connectors is made of L63 brass with tinning, while the insulation material is the same as in most lugs - the self-extinguishing PVC. The ease of use is that in addition to products for screw fixing the pins, there are male-female connectors. They simplify the work of specialists when reconnecting conductors.

High-quality connection of conductors is required to ensure not only when connected to the terminals of the equipment. In order to combine the two cables on any part of the electrical circuit, you can use the special EKF product - GSI sleeve (insulated connecting sleeve). This is a M1 tinned copper tube in a self-extinguishing PVC insulating sheath. Working with the sleeve does not require much effort and time. Two stripped wires are inserted into the sleeve from two sides, after which it is crimped. In EKF sleeves, wires of different cross-sections can be connected - depending on the characteristics of the product.

But what if there is no time or tools to remove insulation from the conductor and crimping? Piercing tappers will help. Two copper conductors are inserted into the body of the product, after which you need to snap the lid - the contact plate will pierce the insulation on the two wires and create a connection. The polypropylene coupler itself will provide reliable insulation.

Both in production and in everyday life, it is often necessary to make a quick twist of copper wires. Especially for this, EKF manufactures SIZ connecting insulating clamps that are wound onto wires. The integrated anodized spring ensures that the cores in the clamps are firmly fixed, while the robust thermoplastic housing provides reliable insulation.

Advantages of construction and installation terminals

In switchboards, lighting systems and places where other equipment is connected, there is always a need to connect multiple wires to each other. It is more convenient and faster to do this with the help of SMK construction and installation terminals, which have screwless mounting.

When using these products, it is enough to strip the conductor and fix it in the terminal connector. You will only need to use additional tools if you need to pre-terminate the multi-core flexible cable. In this case, you need one of the insulated lugs, which were discussed above.

EKF produces SMK construction and installation terminals in several series. Among them there are terminals for both copper and aluminum wires. Reusable and disposable. With the number of holes from 2 to 8 and for various sections. Each series has its own distinctive features. For example, for the SMK 221 reusable terminals, these are compact size and a sturdy transparent case. In the SMK 773 and 2273 series, the connectors are filled with paste to protect aluminum wires from oxidation.

As a cheap option for connecting pairs of conductors, you can use simple and reliable terminal blocks. EKF produces 12-section blocks in an insulated casing. They are easily cut into units according to the number of necessary connections.

Insulating tape and heat-shrinkable tubes to protect conductors

One of the most familiar and indispensable products for electrical work - PVC tape. Rolls with it must be in the arsenal of any specialist or home master. Durable insulating tape is necessary when working with conductors for:

  • electrical isolation;
  • sealing compounds;
  • protection from environmental influences;
  • protection against mechanical damage;
  • mounts to various surfaces;
  • color marking.

The EKF assortment includes PVC insulating tape for both professional use (class A) and for general household purposes (class B). They differ in the thickness of the base (0.18 mm in class A versus 0.13 in class B) and the width of the tape (19 mm against 15 mm).

Also, for the purpose of electrical insulation and protection of cables and connections, a rubberized insulating tape based on cotton fiber (cotton insulating tape) and heat-shrinkable tubes TUT are used.

The main feature of TUT tubes is their ability to compress under the influence of high temperatures. Thus, complete tightness of the surface of the conductors hidden beneath them is achieved.

Reliable FlexLock clamps

Even after all the equipment is connected, and the cables and connection points are protected, the point in organizing the electrical circuit has not yet been set. It remains to ensure the fixation (linking) of the wires and their neat fastening to the structures. This will facilitate further maintenance of communications and extend their service life. For these purposes, cable clamps will be needed.

The optimal solution for those who value quality and reliability are FlexLock clamps made by EKF.

Products of this series are made of self-extinguishing high-quality polyamide 6.6, so that the clamps are protected from corrosion and exposure to:

  • ultraviolet light;
  • acids;
  • salts;
  • oils;
  • gasoline;
  • lubricants;
  • solvents.

Nylon clamps are universal cable ties for indoor and outdoor use (they withstand temperatures from -40 °C to + 85 °C). For the convenience of customers, EKF products are available in various versions. There are both standard packages of 50 and 100 pcs., as well as special sets in jars: they are named according to the seasons and include clamps of different sizes and colors.

As a budget solution, you can choose the clamps of the Basic line, which are also made from Nylon 6.6.

Also in the FlexLock series there are stainless steel clamps 304 and 316, which are designed for use in aggressive environments. These durable products are designed not only for bundling cables, but also for fastening various heavy pipes (made of copper, cast iron, plastic, etc.). Stainless steel EKF clamps are of high quality and a wide range of operating temperatures: -80 to + 538 °C.

Clamps and staples for attaching cables to surfaces

When working on cable laying, you need tools not only for bundling wires, but also for fixing them on walls and other surfaces. The most popular and reliable solution is a wall plug with clamp. Fasteners made by EKF made of polyamide 6.6 are suitable for walls made of concrete, brick, stone and foam blocks. Their advantages are ease of installation and fastening strength, which is facilitated by the enlarged teeth of the wall plug with clamp.

Another popular way to fix the cable is a mounting bracket. Thanks to the materials of which it is made - the base is made of self-extinguishing polypropylene and the nail is made of hardened galvanized steel - the EKF bracket does not crack and will reliably perform its functions throughout the entire life cycle.

The organization of an electrical network often requires the creation of branches from trunk wires with large cross-section cores. In this case, the connecting products discussed above (terminals, couplers, connectors) will not work. Instead, you need to use a branching clamp (walnut). It is enough to strip any section of the main wire from insulation and, without cutting it, connect the end of the second wire. The junction is securely fixed with a clamp. And in order to accurately cut off the branch wire of the desired length, it is worth using professional side cutters.