18.01 EKF indicator screwdrivers

18.02 EKF multimeters and instrumentation

18.03 Hand tools

18.04 Dielectric hand tools

18.05 Crimping tool

18.06 Cutting tool

18.07 Wire stripping tool

18.08 Tool bags, backpacks, belts

Professional tools for masters

During construction, repair and electrical work, as well as in everyday life, reliable tools are needed. When choosing these products, experts evaluate their quality and durability.

Pliers and combined pliers, screwdrivers and other tools made by leading manufacturers meet the high requirements. EKF products are very popular among customers, and the range of products is constantly updated with new products, taking into account the latest market trends.

Convenience and safety come first

When creating its tools, EKF places quality and usability at the forefront. Working parts and handles of hand tools made of special materials combine high performance with excellent ergonomics. It is convenient to hold products in hands, they do not slip out and minimize the effort required to complete tasks. Multimeters and other devices are made of high quality components, and the accuracy and safety of products meets all the required standards.

Tool series

EKF produces tools in three main series. In each of them, products with an optimal combination of price and quality are presented:

  • Master series - tools for those who are looking for simple and reliable products.
  • Expert series - tools with improved features that pass additional quality control and have a number of obvious advantages over cheaper counterparts.
  • Professional series - tools for professionals, where the most important criterion is quality.


The range of EKF tools is designed to solve a variety of tasks that daily face specialists and home craftsmen.

The group of measurement tools includes a digital multimeter, current clamp and a laser non-contact digital thermometer.

In the group of EKF hand tools there are a screwdriver with the required type of tip and various pliers.

EKF hand tools

The range of EKF hand tools can be divided into two main groups: for standard and for dielectric work.

Dielectric tools provide protection when working with electrical networks with voltages up to 1000V. In addition, each product undergoes individual testing under the influence of a voltage of 10,000V.

A screwdriver is the first assistant to any craftsman when you need to screw a screw, a self-tapping screw or other fasteners with a thread. The working parts of EKF slotted and Phillips screwdrivers are made of chrome vanadium steel, so they are not afraid of damage, corrosion, high and low temperatures. The ergonomic shapes of the two-component handles are designed to prevent slipping and save power when twisting. Additional convenience when working with small fasteners provide magnetized tips. In dielectric screwdrivers, a special insulating coating of the handles is used, which allows you to safely work with electrical equipment under voltage up to 1000V.

Pliers - the products of this group are united by the general principle of design: the working part, driven by the articulated mechanism, and two handles. In EKF pliers, the working part consists of tool-chromium-vanadium steel, while the cutting edges of the respective products are additionally hardened by high-frequency currents. Ergonomic handles made of TPR plastic are designed to facilitate the work of specialists. In dielectric products of the Master series, the insulating coating on the handles is applied by immersion, while in the Expert series a two-component nozzle handle is used.

The EKF pliers group includes:

  • Combined pliers. Designed for clamping and holding wires, fasteners and other parts, both flat and cylindrical. Using the cutting edge, you can cut the wire and strip the wires. EKF produces combined pliers with lengths of 160, 180 and 200 mm.
  • Side cutters. Needed for cutting cables and wires. Professional side cutters are distinguished by their ability to precisely control the strength of the cut. The EKF assortment has standard products with a length of 160 mm (cutting soft wire ∅ (cross-sectional diameter) up to 4 mm and hard wire ∅ up to 2 mm) and power side cutters with an enlarged working part 180 mm long (cutting soft wire ∅ up to 4 mm and hard wire ∅ up to 2.5 mm). Long nose and curved long nose pliers. They differ in the form of their working part. Long, thin jaws are used to grip and hold small parts such as screws, wire, rings. Another purpose of long nose pliers is work in hard-to-reach places. A choice of tools are available in sizes of 160 and 200 mm.
  • Round pliers. Tools with round lips that are used to bend and straighten wires and metal products without damaging the sheath. The length of EKF products is 160 mm.
  • Cable shears. Another necessary tool for electricians who regularly need to measure and cut cables and wires of the desired length made of copper or aluminum. EKF NK-12 cable shears are designed for wires with ∅ up to 12 mm, and NK-16 cable shears for wires with ∅ up to 16 mm.
  • Adjustable pliers. Indispensable for the capture and crimping of pipes and other large cylindrical parts. With their help, without spending extra effort, you can dismantle the screw connections and metal structures. EKF adjustable pliers are 250 mm long.
  • Strippers. Stripping tool for copper wires with ∅ up to 5 mm in the EKF dielectric product group. Stripper length is 160 mm.

Measuring instruments made by EKF

EKF produces the following devices designed to determine various parameters of the electrical network and individual objects:

  • Digital multimeter. It is used to measure the main parameters of the network - current, voltage, resistance, as well as to check for voltage in a household outlet or the bulb's working ability, to detect damage to the wiring and determine the charge level in the car battery. The EKF assortment includes multimeters with different designs and functionalities. What they have in common is a high level of performance and safety. In the Master series, models with the CAT I and CAT II safety level are presented, and in the Expert/Professional series - CAT III and CAT IV.
  • Current clamps. Also called a clamp meter. An electrician needs a device when it is necessary to quickly measure a high current without breaking the electrical circuit itself. The detachable magnetic circuit in the construction of current clamp allows you to determine the current strength by the magnetic field that occurs around the conductor.

In some cases, the current in the conductor is too high to measure with standard instruments. To solve this problem, you need to buy a measuring transformer made by EKF, which lowers the current in its secondary winding to the values with which measuring devices and protective devices work.

  • Laser infrared thermometer. Its another name is pyrometer. Designed to remotely determine the temperature of objects by infrared radiation from them. The EKF accurately determines values over a wide range from -50° to + 550°, and can also signal that the set temperature has been exceeded. Thermometer is indispensable when it is necessary to "read" objects in hard-to-reach places - in various communication systems and areas under voltage, such as in the wires that are connected together by a clamp. An indisputable advantage of the device is its ease of use: to get temperature data, just point it at the desired object.

When choosing products under the EKF brand, the buyer can be sure that he is getting a professional tool made from the best materials and having a thoughtful ergonomic design for convenient and safe use.