22.01 London Series (flush installation) IP20

22.02 Venice Series (exposed installation) IP54

22.03 Prague Series (exposed installation) IP44

22.04 Rome Series (exposed installation) IP20

22.05 Murmansk Series (exposed installation) IP54

22.06 Minsk series (exposed installation) IP20

22.07 Minsk series (flush mount) IP20

22.08 Additional socket devices

22.09 Valencia Series (flush mount) IP20

22.10 Vladivostok Series (exposed installation) IP54

22.11 Stockholm Series (flush mount) IP20

Sockets and switches for any interior

Most electrical devices are selected for their functional characteristics, quality of materials and safety parameters. In this case, the most complex devices are usually hidden from the gaze of a layperson behind the doors of the switchboard. Accordingly, customers traditionally trust specialists to choose this equipment.

However, there is a group of devices for which design and the ability to fit into the interior play an almost leading role. We are talking about such wiring products as sockets and switches. Choosing them for an apartment, a country house or even a simple garage, buyers first want to be sure that these products meet their aesthetic taste. Performance often fades into the background.

Meanwhile, it is the switch and the socket that serve in the house as the main intermediaries between a person and electric circuits. Therefore, it is so important to ensure the choice of devices in which the external variety is not at the expense of high reliability and safety. EKF products fully comply with this principle.

EKF devices - great choice with consistent quality

The EKF assortment has wiring accessories for all types of rooms, as well as for outdoor installation. Of course, any buyer will be able to choose exactly those devices that fit in his interior in the best way.

The group "Sockets, switches" includes:

  • Single, double, triple and quadruple sockets. In the product line there are products with grounding, a cover, protective curtains or without these elements.
  • One and two-key switches, one-key alternate switch and push-button switch. Devices with and without indicators are available.
  • Bell push buttons.
  • Phone sockets and RJ-45 computer sockets, including combined RJ-45+Phone.
  • TV sockets.
  • Dimmers.
  • Additional devices - socket timers and blocks with USB.

All EKF products are presented in five series in the PROxima line and one in the Basic line. Products noticeably differ from each other in external design, construction, functionality and price. But they have common and unchanging features - each is made of high quality materials and is easily mounted on the wall. The features of different series should be discussed in more detail.

Products for home and beyond

Renovation is usually started with the idea of updating the style of the apartment, to give it a modern look. It is important that all design elements are combined with each other, and such small but eye-catching details as sockets and switches should be made in the same style.

To ensure a uniform performance of the entire complex of wiring accessories in an apartment or the whole building will allow the London series. There are not only basic devices, but also telephone, television and computer sockets, doorbells and dimmers. The products of the series are intended for hidden installation, which means they will not protrude on the wall, perfectly fitting into the overall neat design. But London is not only distinguished by its appearance - a number of design features, including elongated mounting holes, a steel caliper, the ability to use any screwdriver during installation, significantly simplifies the installation of these devices. London products are available in white and beige.

Also, "Rome" and "Prague" series are designed for apartments and other premises. Their most noticeable difference from London is in the installation method. In both series it is exposed, which facilitates installation. Another common feature of "Rome" and "Prague" is the white color of products. However, there are some differences.

The Rome series is designed for installation in rooms with favorable conditions for electrical engineering in terms of humidity and dust content. This is the series with the widest selection of sockets, and only in Rome there is a European socket for four sockets.

In turn, the Prague series is used not only for the home, but also for equipping switches and sockets for a garage or utility room. Such premises place high demands on the characteristics of devices. Products of Prague with a degree of protection IP44 fully meet them. Their cases are made of shockproof plastic, and the inputs for the conductors are protected by sealed pads.

Devices for warehouse and garage

For many household and industrial premises, even IP44 rating is insufficient. Workshops, shops and warehouses are often characterized by too high humidity and dust levels. But, of course, they also can not work without sockets and switches. The solution will be the use the Murmansk series products, which are designed for exposed installation and have enhanced IP54 rating.

The gray cases of the Murmansk series products differ in that they do not lose their color and strength, even if they are installed on the street. The durable polycarbonate from which they are made is resistant to ultraviolet radiation. Compact, reliable sockets and switches will provide the connection of devices and lighting control in hard-to-reach places.

Affordable solution

There is only one Minsk series in the cost-effective EKF Basic line, but you can choose products in a wide variety of designs within it. This is due to the fact that Minsk is designed to provide complex support to facilities - residential buildings, offices, schools and hospitals. For each project, its own type of installation is selected (in the series there are products with exposed and flush installation) and the desired shade. Flush mounted devices are white or beige. Exposed - white, the colors of light and dark wood.

The low price and variety of choices do not cover the list of advantages of Minsk. The third reason for the popularity of the series is its reliability. Compact devices are made of high-quality ABS plastic with a completely non-combustible base. For ease of installation, the design provides special grooves and metal spacer legs.

Socket timers and blocks

There are a number of devices in the group "Sockets, switches" designed to facilitate the management of a variety of household appliances. With the help of mechanical and electronic socket timers it is convenient to set them a schedule of on and off cycles. In a mechanical device with an SMT-48p operating disk, you can plan a schedule for the day. A more functional electronic timer SAT-20p allows you to set the schedule for a whole week.

Many modern devices charge via USB. But looking for an empty socket for the adapter every time the phone’s battery runs out is uncomfortable. The problem can be solved with the SB-01 socket block. It has both a standard socket and two USB connectors, which are turned on with a separate button. The unit is suitable for any extension cord.

The use of high-quality non-combustible materials, reliable contacts in the housings of all wiring accessories, as well as grounding in outlets are necessary conditions for human safety. And EKF products meet all the requirements for product quality. But in order to ensure full protection of the electric network, one should also responsibly choose the appropriate devices, such as a circuit breaker, an RCD or a load break switch. And in order to know and control the status of the network, it is worthwhile to purchase accurate measuring instruments: an electronic voltmeter and an ammeter for a switchboard or a household multimeter.