04.01 Power switches up to 1000A AV Power EKF AVERES

04.02 Accessories for circuit breakers AV Power EKF AVERES

04.03 Automatic circuit breakers VA-99 up to 1600A EKF PROxima

04.04 Accessories for automatic circuit breakers VA-99 EKF PROxima

04.05 Automatic circuit breakers VA-99C (Compact NS) up to 1600A EKF PROxima

04.06 Accessories for automatic circuit breakers VA-99C (Compact NS)

04.07 Accessories for automatic circuit breakers VA-99M EKF PROxima

04.08 Automatic circuit breakers VA-99ML up to 250A 15-20kA EKF Basic

04.09 Automatic circuit breakers VA-99M up to 1600A EKF PROxima

Molded Case Circuit Breakers — Reliable Protection for High-Load Networks

Want to protect industrial electrical equipment from the negative effects of network emergencies? The solution is a molded case circuit breaker.

One of the most important elements of the system responsible for the reception and distribution of energy is a circuit breaker. Compact modular switches are installed in the shields, which provide the input of electricity into an apartment or a private country house.

In devices that receive and distribute large currents, power circuit breakers are used, the cases of which are made of plastic by casting and molding.

The molded case circuit breaker is designed to turn on and off the load, and also, depending on the type of release used in it, to protect electrical equipment from short circuit currents, overloads and leakage currents.

Circuit breakers find their application at production sites, electrical substations, as well as various non-production facilities.

EKF Circuit Breakers

EKF, a Russian manufacturer of high-quality electrical products, offers Averes, PROxima and Basic power circuit breakers. Many models in each of these three lines, as well as a wide range of additional devices allow you to choose the optimal solution for any project - regardless of its level of complexity.

Averes line circuit breakers

The premium line of Averes is made up of AV Power devices specially designed for use in industry and at various facilities of increased complexity. The series is represented by switches with operating current values from 10 to 1,000 A and with a maximum switching capacity (MSC) of 35 and 50 kA.

Averes circuit breakers can use both thermomagnetic and electronic trip units.

The thermomagnetic block protects the circuit during short circuit and overload.

The electronic unit has a wider functionality. So, in addition to protection against short circuit and overload, it can provide protection against current leakage. In addition, it makes it possible to adjust the time delay of the circuit breaker and transmit data via the Modbus RTU communication protocol.

To expand the capabilities of Averes EKF circuit breakers, there are a number of additional devices:

  • indication module (display of current parameters, programming of settings and remote shutdown);
  • AV-DP converters (protocol conversion from the channel data bus level) and AV-RS1 (conversion of USB format to RS-485/422);
  • motor drive (remote and manual on and off);
  • shunt release (remote circuit breaker power off);
  • undervoltage release (trip when the voltage drops to an unacceptable level for the circuit breaker);
  • additional contact (indication of the status of the main contacts of the switch);
  • emergency contact (signaling the emergency switch off of the circuit breaker);
  • manual drive (manual switching on and off through the distribution cabinet door).

PROxima Line Circuit Breakers

PROxima mid-range products include monoblock circuit breakers of the VA-99, VA-99C and VA-99M series.

VA-99 power circuit breakers are devices with rated currents from 125 to 1,600 A and an ultimate switching capacity of 25 to 50 kA. Among them there are regulated power machines equipped with electronic trip units or adjustable thermomagnetic type trip units.

VA-99S - monoblock circuit breakers with MSC 36 and 45 kA, designed for currents from 12.5 to 630 A. They can be equipped with standard thermomagnetic releases, adjustable thermomagnetic protection units or electronic protective units.

In addition, EKF offers kits for converting stationary VA-99 circuit breakers into plug-in or withdrawable type devices.

VA-99M - monoblock circuit breakers, which until July 2018 were part of the Basic budget line. But after successful tests in the international DEKRA laboratory, during which devices in 63, 100 and 250 dimensions showed higher values of MSC (25 and 35 kA instead of the indicated 20 and 25 kA), the entire series “went for promotion” to the PROxima line.

Now, inexpensive and reliable VA-99M devices in all dimensions can be used in industry.

Note that the transfer of the VA-99M from Basic to PROxima automatically increased the warranty period of these devices from three to seven years.

A wide range of accessories is provided for VA-99, VA99M and VA-99C devices:

  • electric and manual drives;
  • minimum and independent releases;
  • emergency and additional contacts;
  • terminal expanders;
  • mounting rails.

Basic Line Circuit Breakers

The range of Basic monoblock circuit breakers is presented by models of the VA-99ML series with rated currents from 16 to 250 A and MSC 15, 18 and 20 kA. As a release, they use a standard thermomagnetic protective block. The possibility of using additional devices is missing.

The devices of this series have a simple, inexpensive and reliable design, making them ideal for use in civil engineering facilities.

Due to the fact that EKF circuit breakers in a molded case are presented in three lines, you can always choose a device that is suitable for both technical characteristics and price.

EKF, one of the leading Russian manufacturers of low-voltage electrical equipment, offers various solutions to organize optimal protection of electric networks from the consequences of emergency situations.

Thus, the EKF range of protective devices, in addition to molded case circuit breakers, includes: modular circuit breakers, differential current circuit breakers, power air circuit breakers, as well as single-phase and three-phase types.

A wide range of protective devices manufactured by EKF makes it possible to select equipment for both civilian facilities and industrial enterprises.