07.01 Frequency converters EKF PROxima

07.02 Frequency converters EKF Basic

07.03 Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) up to 630A EKF PROxima

07.04 Programmable Relays EKF PROxima

07.05 Relay automation EKF PROxima

07.06 Power Supplies

07.07 Capacitors for reactive power compensation devices

07.08 Regulators for reactive power compensation devices

07.09 Stabilizers

Modern solutions for automation and control

The more complex the system, the more difficult it is to manage and the higher the price of a possible error. This rule is especially true for electrical circuits that provide power to large facilities and high-tech equipment. Therefore, for the stable operation of production and utility systems, solutions from a wide group of devices for automation and control are used.

EKF is one of the leaders in the Russian market of electrical engineering and is actively developing this area. The line of relevant products, including relay automation, ATS, frequency converters, voltage stabilizers and other popular devices, is one of the most extensive in the manufacturer's catalog.

Relay automation

The operation of electrical circuits and equipment often needs to be regulated depending on external conditions. For example, in order to exclude damage to the electrical installation due to increased or reduced voltage, it must be turned off if the threshold voltage values are exceeded. Many devices should work only at certain intervals, that is, they must be switched on and off strictly according to the schedule. To solve such problems, timers and various time relays are intended.

The EKF line of relays is actively used in various automation systems and is distinguished by its wealth of choice:

  • Voltage relay disconnect electrical appliances when the voltage goes beyond the specified range. Most series of EKF voltage monitoring relays have an end-to-end connection - they can be installed immediately after the input machines, protecting a whole group of outgoing lines.
  • Phase control relays determine the quality of the electric network by controlling its main parameters and turning off the equipment when the phase is broken and other emergency situations occur.
  • Phase selection relays is designed to supply a single-phase circuit from a three-phase circuit. The relays switch the power of the devices between the three connected phases in the case when the voltage in one of them disappears or its quality decreases. Thus, the relay selects the best power source for the circuit at any given moment.
  • Time relays allow you to set the time ranges of the equipment.
  • Impulse relays provide convenient control of devices from several places. By installing a relay in a circuit with several buttons, switches can turn on and off the lighting from two or more places. In addition to convenience, this method significantly saves cable in comparison with the installation of lines for passage switches.
  • Temperature relays control the equipment depending on the room temperature. To accurately determine the parameters of the surrounding space, a special sensor is included in the relay kit.
  • Level control relays control electrical appliances depending on the liquid level in the tank.
  • Photo relay determines the level of illumination with the help of a sensor, depending on which it turns on or off lamps and other lighting devices.

This is not a complete list of relays in the EKF range. At the same time, PRO-Relay programmable relays, which provide the greatest opportunities for fine-tuning the operation of equipment, cannot be separately mentioned. These multifunctional devices will allow you to easily set network parameters using a convenient control panel, and remotely debug entered programs.

ATS (automatic transfer switch)

The functioning of industrial enterprises, administrative institutions, and especially healthcare institutions, depends entirely on uninterrupted power supply. An unstable supply of electricity and even more so its sudden termination can lead to disruption of production chains and even a threat to people's lives.

To prevent such consequences, the EKF assortment includes ATS devices that automatically enter the reserve (backup power line) in the event of a power failure on the main line. Not so long ago there were no such mass-produced devices on the market - a separate device was assembled for each project. But with the advent of compact ATS monoblocks, the need for this has disappeared.

All the advantages of ATS are embodied in two series of devices from EKF:

  • ATS TCP1. Monoblock, consisting of a contact unit and a control unit. You can control TCP1 in both manual and automatic mode. The manual switching lever is intended for the first method, and the control relay for the second.
  • ATS TCM. Monoblock, which includes a control unit and two power circuit breakers. TCM not only automatically switches the supply lines in the event of a power failure in one of them, but also protects the circuit from overloads and short circuits. To control the ATS, you can use both manual switching and the built-in multi-function controller.

Due to their reliability, compact size, quick installation and convenient operation, EKF ATSs are used in a wide range of projects. These are administrative buildings and healthcare facilities, residential and commercial real estate, large-scale production, transport and other infrastructure.

Frequency converters

Asynchronous electric motors are widely used in industry - they drive machines, pumps and other units. However, electric motors are characterized by high inrush currents and may be subject to overloads. To solve these problems, special devices are designed - frequency converters.

VECTOR - this is the name of the series of these devices in the EKF product line. Use of compact and reliable converters:

  • allows you to easily control the speed of rotation of the electric motor;
  • provides its smooth start;
  • protects it from overload, overheating and phase failure.

Another tangible effect is saving up to 70% of resources when using VECTOR. Thanks to a large selection, customers can precisely select the device for the parameters of their project, including the price.

EKF converters have features that make setting up and operating the equipment much more convenient. So, single-phase devices are able to convert a single-phase network into a three-phase. Transducers of all models can be controlled remotely using the RS-485 interface.


Power surges are one of the main threats to any equipment. But, unfortunately, in electric networks its performance does not always correspond to the necessary 230 V. To ensure reliable operation of the devices even in not the most stable conditions, EKF offers Titan stabilizers. These devices equalize voltage. They will also turn off the power in the event of dangerous voltage values, a short circuit or an elevated temperature.

The stabilizer is based on a circuit of relays, which increase and decrease the voltage, providing an output of 230 V. In addition, the built-in varistor protects the electric circuit from power surges and interference.

You can take advantage of Titan's useful features in electrical circuits with a wide variety of parameters. This can be done by a large selection of devices by power values. At the same time, two options of execution give additional flexibility when choosing: floor and wall.

Reactive Power Compensation Capacitors

During operation, electric motors consume active power. In this case, the reactive power arising due to the mismatch of current and voltage in phase leads to overheating of the wiring. The biggest problem is inefficient energy consumption for industrial enterprises.

An option for its solution from EKF is low-voltage three-phase cosine capacitors KPS. Three single-phase capacitors installed according to the "triangle" scheme in an aluminum case compensate for the reactive power factor in the network. Thanks to their design features, EKF capacitors are easy to mount and connect. Built-in discharge resistors and automatic overpressure shutdown ensure safe operation of these devices.

Effective EKF Solutions

As you can see, the EKF product group called “Automation and Control” contains specialized and multifunctional devices, the general purpose of which is to make the power system work as safe and convenient as possible for configuration. Extensive experience and high competencies allow EKF to offer customers the best quality equipment, continuing to actively work on updating and expanding the range.

Meanwhile, the list of EKF devices that provide protection for various equipment and facilitates their management is wider than the scope of this group. For example, the reversed starter KME with RTE IP44 has gained well-deserved popularity on the market. This complete device (contactor plus thermal relay in the housing) protects the motor and allows you to run it in several modes, including reverse.

In turn, for the protection of cable lines in switchboards and switchgear, another EKF product is used - a fuse. Thanks to the body made of ceramics filled with quartz sand, massive knives and other design features of this device, the networks with voltage up to 660 V can withstand overloads and short circuits.