EKF is an international company producing a wide spectrum of electrical equipment.

EKF is an international company producing a wide spectrum of electrical equipment. Currently, EKF accounts for about 10,000 items of products. Our company is making sales in 15 countries and working actively at the realization of a strategy to enter new markets for our products. EKF is a team of professionals that implements unique projects in the areas of electricity distribution, automation of technological processes, energy management, energy conservation, and energy efficiency. The structure of the company consists of Research & Development and Industrial Design units, including laboratories that conduct quality checks on EKF’s products every day. We develop innovative products and solutions for partners and also provide the high-quality customer service.

Integrated Solutions

The priority activity of EKF is the development of integrated energy-efficient solutions for industrial enterprises, energy, civil and infrastructure facilities. The three EKF product lines, Averes, PROxima and Basic, are designed due to particularities of our industry and meet our customers’ requirements with different budget options.


Product range of 12 000 SKU

Own R&D and engineering

Over 15 countries

Expert in electricity distribution

Solutions for Industrial Enterprises

  • Integrated solutions for the input and distribution of electricity
  • Management and automation of technological processes
  • Possibility of remote control of equipment
  • Energy-saving: solutions for managing water supply, ventilation and heating systems
  • EKF equipment is successfully operated at oil, gas and energy industries
  • Full compliance of production lines and products with ISO 9001: 2008 and GOST requirements
  • Increased of industrial energy efficiency; savings of up to 70% of resources
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Accuracy of the equipment selection
High Service
  • Availability of 10 000 items of low-voltage equipment
  • Simplicity and ease of assembly

Solutions for Civil Engineering

  • The comprehensive selection of electrical equipment for projects due to the climatic features of the region.
  • Equipment for the distribution and accounting of electricity in apartment buildings
  • Modernization of obsolete equipment at commercial and medical facilities
  • Applied equipment: modular, power and relay automatics; control equipment; electricity panel bodies, modular switchboard, electrical installation and wiring accessories.


EKF has an extensive network of modern logistic centers making the fast delivery of goods to their customers anywhere in the world. Each of the company's warehouses is equipped with the information system that automates the management of logistics operations providing the high quality customer service.

Production Capacity

The manufacturing base of EKF consists of its own several factories in Russia and contractual foreign sites. Each production process is certified by the company's engineers and is based on ISO 9001: 2009 standards.

The rapid introduction of innovative technologies and new engineering solutions are performed with the use of the latest modern equipment from Germany, Japan, Switzerland and Finland at the factories of the company, the perfect organization of technological processes and strict quality control at all stages permitted by the production.

Quality Control

EKF offers products that meet the highest standards of quality and safety. The company has implemented a quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001 and carries out strict checks of raw materials and finished products. All products are tested and examined in international and Russian Test Centers. The company has its own laboratory in Moscow and a staff of engineers in Shanghai. Samples of each batch of EKF’s equipment are tested at special stands and with the help of the most modern control devices for compliance with the declared technical characteristics. EKF constantly collaborates with leading global testing and certification organizations, among them is Dekra.

Testing Laboratory in Moscow

The EKF’s laboratory in Moscow is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that allows obtaining comprehensive information about the quality of electrical products under test. The device for checking current releases is used to control the operation of circuit breakers; it is possible to test devices with a current of up to 25 kA. Checking the switches with a continuous load current is carried out on a special stand that allows testing all the batch of devices simultaneously. The EKF’s laboratory also includes a climate chamber, which checks the performance of products in various weather conditions, a plastic test bench for flammability and many other devices and facilities.

Completed projects

Thousands of strategically important projects in Russia and the CIS have been implemented using EKF equipment. The manufacturer uses integrated energy-efficient solutions to organize electricity supply at civil, industrial and infrastructure construction facilities. The company's developments allow saving in the projects up to 70% of consumed resources: electricity, heat, and water.